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The American Farm to Table Restaurant Guide website is wholly owned by INTERNAIRE and is primarily a reference and information site.  As expected, it provides a significant number of links to other websites.  

A link to another Web site does not constitute an endorsement of that site (nor of any product, service or other material offered on that site) by INTERNAIRE.  While INTERNAIRE strives to provide useful and accurate information, individuals following links on our sites need to understand that INTERNAIRE has no control whatsoever over these linked sites, and therefore cannot be responsible or liable for any claim, loss or damage arising from following such links.

Information offered about restaurants, articles, contact information, and other information of a factual nature is believed to be correct when published on this site.  However, you are always at risk that this information is wrong, inaccurate, or out-of-date.  Before you act on information you've found on our sites, you should confirm any facts that are important to your decisions.  All information is provided to you "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.  In no event will INTERNAIRE or its subsidiaries be liable to you for any indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising out of your use of this site, or any site that is a subsidiary of INTERNAIRE.

About the Owner

Maurice Graham HenryThis site was designed, built and launched by Maurice Graham Henry, Managing Editor and the founder of INTERNAIRE, the parent holding company of the American Farm to Table Restaurant Guide. Other sites owned by INTERNAIRE include, the popular website about the restaurants, cuisine and wines of France, which in recent years has become well known for its annual list of the 10 best French restaurants in the world located outside of France.  INTERNAIRE also owns DININGINPARIS.COM, which takes users directly to the Paris section of the site.

Maurice inherited his love of France and French cuisine from his father. As a boy, his father would tell Maurice stories about his frequent travels to France, especially about the fine restaurants and the wonderful food he experienced there. His father, an attorney who is also an accomplished cook, would often prepare French cuisine at home when Maurice was growing up.


This background, along with trips to France and an entrepreneur’s fascination with the Internet, prepared Maurice to launch and DININGINPARIS.COM in 2001. Because Maurice recognizes that not all top tier restaurants are to everyone’s personal taste, his primary goal was to help online visitors determine which restaurants with multiple Michelin stars they would personally enjoy visiting for truly unforgettable meals. Over the past seven years, the site has firmly established itself as the Web’s most trusted guide to the very best restaurants of France and the best French restaurants around the world.


However, over the past two years Maurice took a hard look at his health and how this was often negatively impacted by poor food choices. The result has been the recent launch of the American Farm to Table Restaurant Guide. Being new, it is among the least known and least visited sites owned by INTERNAIRE.  Yet it is also the site about which Maurice Graham Henry is most passionate.


Maurice Graham Henry is a graduate of the School of Mortgage Banking and in 2005 was certified as an Accredited Mortgage Professional by the Mortgage Bankers Association in Washington DC.  He is also a committed Christian. As for his favorite restaurant, it continues to be Harry's Bar in Venice Italy.



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